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Commercialisation of food
Once, not so long ago, food was scarce. As humans we were programmed to over-consume calories when food was plentiful and to store it as fat for when it was not.

So we have to acknowledge that in our hunter-gatherer past, consuming as much food as possible was personally responsible – those who didn’t would likely perish. Natural Fat Burning Pills Women’S Health. And this has been hard-wired into our DNA.

Today, our environment is fundamentally different – cheap, energy-dense foods are abundant. In this light, obesity is just the superficial and normal human response to an increasingly “obesogenic” food environment. One with deeply-rooted commercial and political drivers.

We’re trying to exercise personal responsibility in a food environment that’s engineered to undermine it.
There is nothing more obesogenic than our commercial food supply. Today, industrial agriculture produces raw food ingredients at very low cost per calorie output. What Fat Burner Pills For Women’S Weight Loss. With globalisation, ingredients can be sourced from wherever in the world production costs are lowest (such as Malaysian palm oil) or heavily subsidised (American sugar).

Food science has been harnessed by “Big Food” companies to produce highly palatable and durable foods rich in sugar, salt and fat. Serving sizes have grown remarkably – good for our wallets, perhaps, but not so good for our waistlines.

On the retail end, supermarkets have proliferated as the purveyors of processed foods, driving down prices through their buying power and using data-driven product promotion.

We also have less time for sourcing, preparing and eating food. And the food industry has responded with “ready-to-heat” meals, “ready-to-eat” snack foods and “fast-food” restaurants (see graph).

Growth in Australian fast food outlets and transactions, 1999-2013 with projects to 2017. 12 Popular Belly Fat Pills For Women of 2022. Euromonitor International
The McDonaldisation of our society stems not only from our biological drive to crave energy dense food, but from our need to compress the time in which we source and consume it.

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